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Leading Suppliers and exporters of Indian Natural sandstones

exporter of natural stone

Quality sandstone of the highest standards.

stone supplier

Exporter and Supplier of quality limestone worldwide.

natural stone supplier

Limestone sourced from rarest, most unique quarries, offering a wide variety of limestone variations.

natural stone india

Beautiful, colorful and high quality pebbles for all your decorative needs.

natural stone

Highest quality cobbles, available in all shapes and sizes.



About us

GUPTA STONE was established in the year 1981 and presently India's leading company in manufacturing and Exporter of high quality natural stones. Our specialties are Sandstone, Limestone [natural, calibrated, honed, mirror polished]. The company is among the largest producer in India and exports its product line around the World to most demanding markets and clientele.

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  • Ethically Sourced Stones

    As a socially responsible business, we feel that it is our obligation to ensure that all of our natural stone products are from ethically sources, independently audited through our parent company's membership of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) base code compliant factories and quarries.

  • Best Customer Satisfaction

    We at Gupta Stone believe in serving our customers best. Be it our local customers or global, we treat all alike. We leave no stone unturned for making our customers completely satisfied by our service. And that has made Gupta Stone a well known brand in this industry.

  • High Quality products

    Quality is never compromised upon, and all our products are of the highest standards. We are manufacturers and suppliers of highest quality products. Buying any product from us, you can be sure quality.

  • Efficient and competitively low pricing

    We offer high quality products at very competetive prices. We supply products at very economical prices.

  • Dedicated and inculcated to staff to serve you better.

    Our staff is highly trained and dedicated to guide you in the best possible way. The people working at Gupta Stone are highly knowledgable about the stone industry, the latest trends and will guide you in the best possible way.

  • Providing Customer Specific needs and solutions.

    We are a one stop company when it comes to stone industry, catering needs of one and all. We can cater to the all the specific needs of customers. Be it color, size or quantity, a small scale project or a large one, we have stone solutions for all.

Clients testimonials

  • The products supplied by Gupta Stone were top notch and of the highest quality. We'll love to work with you again.

    Customer From UK
  • Gupta Stone delivered products In-Time and that too as per our exact requirements. The staff is very friendly and understanding, and guided us very well. Cheers..!!

    Customer From Australia
  • Though our requirements were small, still the people working at Gupta Stone served us very well. The staff told us about the latest trends.

    Couple from India shopping for there new home.

product SHOWCASE

  • sandstone

    The composition of sandstone is quite similar to that of sand. The natural cementing material which binds the sand together as rock is usually composed of silica, calcium carbonate, or iron oxide.

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  • Limestone

    Characteristically flaggy Lime Stone is very hard, has zero oil absorption and very low water absorption. It has comprehensive strength twice that of Marble.

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  • cobbles

    Cobbles stone is a naturally rounded paving stone, which is smaller than a boulder and larger than a pebble. Used basically to make pathways, pavements and for landscaping.

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  • pebbles

    Sandstone Pebbles are small round stones available naturally or created using machine. The sandstone pebbles can also be somewhat square in shape.

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  • slate

    Slate is a metamorphic type rock with a layered structure, allowing it to be cleaved apart into thin sheets.

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  • mosaic

    Mosaic tiles add to the beauty of an interior, providing a stand out point of focus. Mosaics have various uses, be it wall panels, borders, furniture, flooring.

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  • circles

    The appearance and quality of circles from Gupta Stone will turn heads for sure. Available in a variety of designs, these circles can beautify your garden and patio areas.

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  • Roofing

    The tiles used for roofing and ridging come in various textures and thickness. A more rustic look can be achieved by laying them in staggered way.

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  • Artifacts

    Sandstone Spheres and stone artifacts look beautiful kept anywhere. Be it outside or inside. Our collection is sure to mesmerize you and your visitors alike.

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  • Steps

    The kerbs, edging and copings can be used for a variety of purposes. These can be used to make edges of drive ways, patios and pavements.

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  • stepping stones

    Mid sized stone, that has a surface above the ground or body of water and which allows crossing over to the other side, is called stepping stones.

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